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Fighting Back Against Biased Media

My family and I like to stay informed on current events. Toward this end we subscribe to four newspapers, a variety of magazines, and internet service. When any of these news providers continually fails to separate their own views from the news stories they cover, however, we discontinue our subscriptions. There is no point in supporting news organizations that (1) attack public officials personally while obscuring facts that do not support their point of view, (2) fail to confine their own views to the editorial page (3) refuse to answer your calls and emails to discuss the matter, (4) limit the length of your published response, and then (5) edit even this limited attempt to correct their disinformation campaigns. For details on the most recent misinformation from “The Columbian,” please check my 28 November 2013 post “The Columbian” Newspaper Misrepresents Dave’s Views on the NEWS page of my website at

Accordingly, we recently cancelled our subscription to “The Columbian” newspaper because of woefully inaccurate reporting that mischaracterizes the policies I support and my reasons for supporting them. We also cancelled our subscription to the “Camas-Washougal Post-Record” because of inaccurate personal attacks by their editor and publisher, and their failure to follow their own editorial policy not to publish personal attacks by others. I encourage everyone who reads this post to do likewise. Unfortunately, there is no way to strike back against the biased coverage of Channel Six, the CBS Affiliate in Portland for their distorted coverage of my views. Suffice to say, we won’t be watching them anymore.